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Are you aware of these problems?

1.The children in the Sahel region of Africa are facing severe and life threatening malnutrition during the coming year.

2.Some 300,000 children are receiving vaccinations against polio and measles at one of the largest refugee camps in Kenya.

3.Africa has more than 40 million children, almost half the school-age child population, receiving no schooling. Two-thirds of these are girls.

4.The children in poverty are particularly vulne-rable groups of children including those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. These children face discrimination, isolation and extreme hardship.

A Charity for the Children of Africa
Have you ever held a dying baby in your arms? Have you ever seen a mother in tears because she cannot look after her children? Have you ever seen a person so deformed that you cannot bear to look into their eyes? Have you ever watched a small child playing and know that the only thing her parents left her was the AIDS virus? Have you ever watched as people beg for the very things that we throw out? Have you ever been moved by the fact that 19000 children die each day in Africa? Have you ever thought 'that's awful! Somebody should do something'? Have you ever realised that someone could be you? Have you ever cared enough to make a difference?
Chunlei Charity Project
1.Every time you spend $100 on our products, Chunlei will take out $1 for dedicating to the poor children.

2.Chunlei sets up a helping group, dedicated to helping the poor families of the village.

3.Chunlei will try our best to build more primary schools for education.

4.Chunlei provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in Africa countries.


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